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A topic by Tony Ennis
  • Previous take was: "Procrastination is Time management problem". New one is it's an emotional problem. "The task we’re putting off is making us feel bad – perhaps it’s boring, too difficult or we’re worried about failing – and to make ourselves feel better in the moment, we start doing something else, like watching videos."
  • Procrastination doubly bad because it creates guilt which leads to further procrastination.
  • Takeaway: Procrastination is bad for your health. - "All of this means that overcoming procrastination could have a major positive impact on your life. Sirois says her research suggests that “decreasing a tendency to chronically procrastinate by one point [on a five-point procrastination scale] would also potentially mean that your risk for having poor heart health would reduce by 63%”.

My take:
- From an ADHD perspective, procrastination is only one part of the problem - you're normally aware when you're procrastinating. Another problem is maintaining focus even once you've started something, and the effort it takes to block out both internal and environmental distractions to complete it.
- Also "Psychological Inflexibility" seems fascinating and is another rabbit hole I will now go down.

9 months ago
  • Lady who wasn't diagnosed til later in life.
  • First place I realised difference between ADD & ADHD

"My job charging me with lots of event planning and orchestration of details — I started feeling like I had half a brain. It was taking me way longer to do stuff than it seemed my co-workers would take to do the same stuff. I took a lot home. I worked more hours. I couldn’t help but feel wildly inefficient, even though I was paddling underwater twice as fast."

"First 75% of my life: SWELL. Next 8%: WENT TO CRAP. Most recent 17%: HARNESSING THAT SHIT."

about 1 year ago