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A topic by Tony Ennis
  • Developers over-optimise for the ergonomics of typing and not enough for the ergonomics of thinking.
  • The 5 activities of effective software development: Talking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Thinking
    • AKA the three Ts - Talking, Typing, Thinking
    • Talking: When people are too busy or too shy to talk, the lack of high-bandwidth communication can make it hard to tease out requirements and unpack business problems.
    • Listening
    • Writing
    • Reading: "The vicious-reading-writing-cycle-feedback-loop. When people don’t update the commentary, people become trained to ignore it, so people don’t update it."
    • Thinking: "Modelling the domain, thinking through the edge cases, mentally playing with abstractions.". "we don’t need to be in front of anything to think effectively, and often I find it better not to be"
    • "Writing code is the brief part where I’m simply harvesting all the mental crop that I’ve sown from the talking and listening and reading and thinking."
about 1 month ago
  • Agree with notes on how to do this well, although I think the PR process is outdated & inefficient. Everything below is important long term, but I would take a review that brings the functionality & UX up to par over one that makes code more readable. With advent of PR apps (Heroku & Netlify), it'd be cool to see UX/usability also becoming part of code review.
  • Code reviews purpose:
    • Coaching opportunity.
    • Strengthen readability & system understanding.
  • Read code deeply to get a good understanding.
  • "avoid using “you” or “your."
  • "prefix nitpicks with “nit.”
  • "I approve when and only when the PR is good enough."
about 1 month ago