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A topic by Tony Ennis
  • Not an article about blockchain or cryptocurrencies, but its central point makes a strong argument in favour of both. While blockchain detractors point out its non-suitability for doing old things better, they miss the new things blockchains can unlock.
  • New technologies enable activities that fall into one of two categories:
    • 1) Doing things you could already do but can now do better because they are faster, cheaper, easier, higher quality, etc.
    • 2) Doing brand new things that you simply couldn’t do before
  • "The early electrical grid delivered light better than gas and candles. It took decades before we got an electricity “app store” — a rich ecosystem of appliances that connected to the grid"
  • "When evaluating the potential of blockchains, people sometimes focus on things like cheaper and faster global payments" - these are in the "doing old things better" category. They don't consider the crypto-native category, such as "services that are owned and operated by their users", among others.
about 1 month ago
  • Todo: Look up Bretton Woods.
  • "Allow the CB's to circumvent the banking and fiscal system and give or take money (tax or transfer payments) directly."
  • "Central Banks will now be able to manage fiscal policy, outside of governments balance sheets"
about 1 month ago