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Human Behaviour

A topic by Tony Ennis
  • "Diagnostic signs" for emotions don't exist
  • "We all think we know what emotions are but no-one can define them"
  • "There's no one co-ordinated package for "anger" that looks the same every time"
  • Often a certain emotion incents withdrawal, but sometimes the same emotion incents approaching it. See rollercoasters, scary movies, haunted houses, "disgust parties".
  • I would define emotion how I define thinking - your brain is "conjuring" emotions in the exact same way
  • "Anything which is learned is wired"
  • "An infant brain is not a miniature adult brain". It's awaiting wiring instructions from the world.
    • The Muller Lyer illusion (where your brain perceives one line as longer than another because of the edges) doesn't work in some cultures, because their brains weren't exposed to the same shapes as those in the western world.
2 months ago