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What is Atlas?

Atlas is an experimental side project whose goal is to organise knowledge-rich-content from around the internet. It is non-commercial and its use is currently limited to myself and a few close friends.

Atlas was born out of a desire to scratch my own itch. I consume a lot of online content and have a pretty wide range of curiosities. This content tends to be in the form of blog posts, podcasts, videos, tweets, and other online media. I've regularly had the need to re-visit the content I've found on a particular topic, either to find a useful insight or to share with a friend. For several years I loaded this stuff into Airtable, but that felt clunky enough that I only ended up capturing about 10% of what I wanted to. The goal with Atlas was to find a way to save content as I consume it, easily categorise it, and share it with people at a later date.

The first version of Atlas allows me to save a url, add related topics, and record the people related to it. It also allows me to organise these topics as I see fit, and to browse and consume the content in flow without creating a mess of sprawling tabs. I'll soon have a mobile friendly version and an API/chrome extension to save content wherever it appears. I'd hope that later versions would evolve to include better features for discussion and exploration such as rich text commenting and quote highlighting, better models for collaborating on knowledge curation (shared/moderated topics), and some way for authorities to claim and manage their own profiles.

I'm interested in exploring how to allow others to use Atlas too, although I don't foresee this becoming a commercial project. If you're a great designer/developer and are interested to partner please get in touch.

If you're interested in using Atlas yourself, please leave your email address below, and if there's enough interest I'll see what I can do with regards to a public launch.

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