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A topic by Tony Ennis
  • Multipolar Trap
    • Game theoretic scenario - see also Tragedy of the commons, race to the bottom etc.
    • If anyone defects on some type of agreement that would create a better global optimum for the whole, it creates an incentive for others to defect.
    • Simplified - The first person to gain near term advantage by violating the rules, creates a race to the bottom where the others have to do the same to not lose.
    • Examples: Arms races, nukes, cyber weaponry, autonomous weapons. Amazon rainforest - touches 9 countries - no country can prevent its destruction, all countries can benefit economically from its destruction.
  • Tragedy of the commons - not just environmental. Also epistemic & emotional. E.g news outlets hijacking reptile brains.
    • Kinds of AI that optimize newsfeeds are smarter than the AI that beat Kasparov at Chess.
3 months ago