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A topic by Tony Ennis
  • "We can improve the output of a team or an organization by limiting work in progress."
  • "Small batches is favorable compared to large projects that are taken over into the next round."
  • Obvious, but "The larger an organization is, the more likely large projects become"
  • Good way to find the optimal WIP number - start at 1 and increase incrementally.
  • Article was useful for sparking ideas but not much real insight as the title promised.
about 1 month ago
  • Covers history of the keyboard
  • Most words have tons of redundancy. See also: The Bit Player.
  • Vasili's hack - create a large library of shortcuts. E.g "wd" instead of "would".
  • Seems to be working for him. I'm very interested to try it out.
about 2 months ago

but the main argument is that productivity and collaboration have always been handled as two separate workflows:

We started with individual files that we sent back and forth via email
Then Dropbox came along and enabled collaboration within documents, but communication about these docs remained a separate channel
Slack wants to become the central communication channel for all productivity apps

10 months ago