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Tech History

A topic by Tony Ennis
  • TLDR; Internet Explorer innovated a lot of browser improvements and used to have a lot of great features - two way bindings, data grids,

  • "Back in the days, Microsoft was single-handedly pushing the web forward, with around 1.000(!) people working on Internet Explorer and with a 100 million dollar budget to burn per year, with almost no-one left to compete"

  • "As a communication path to the underlying OS, they created a JavaScript library called "WinJS" and Internet Explorer 10 was meant to be the runtime environment for those apps"

  • "But to be able to model the Windows UI with web technologies, Microsoft had to add plenty of new capabilities to IE: CSS Grid, CSS Flexbox, CSS Scroll Snap Points"

  • "t feels like Internet Explorer already had many of the things that we came to reinvent later and that we now celebrate as innovations"

  • "Back since Internet Explorer 4.0 in 1997 you could embed data sources into your document. This could be done by referencing an external CSV file via <object> element:"

  • "Internet Explorer also shipped with a native data grid implementation that you hooked up to the above data sources and which is built on top of the <table> element"

  • " would say that Microsoft was lightyears ahead of everyone else in regards to providing tools and solutions for architecting complex and delightful websites"

  • "One part of why Microsoft's ideas didn't really catched on was that we developers just didn't get it. Most of us were amateurs and had no computer degree."

  • "The other reason could have been a lack of platforms to spread knowledge to the masses. The internet was still in its infancy, so there was no MDN, no Smashing Magazine, no Codepen, no Hackernoon, no "

10 months ago