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A topic by Tony Ennis
  • Could also be called "Against Facts" - makes a strong argument that the "metaphor of facts" in a social-psychological context is a force for harm, not good.
  • Doesn't directly reference Wittgenstein. Doesn't mention that facts are made up of words and words can symbolize material or non-material things. Also doesn't touch on scale. Would have been good to preface both but maybe beside the point of the article.
  • Quotes
    • All Facts require observation, context omission, and trust.
    • To establish a Fact, someone must decide what context is relevant to include, and what to exclude.
    • Problems with facts: 1. They don't actually persuade, 2. The idea is anti-science (all knowledge is tentative and uncertain), 3. They're incompatible with freedom of speech ("Ultimately we must decide what’s more important — freedom of speech, or the metaphor of Facts.").
  • 100% agree with the argument against the idea that blockchainification of facts will solve any meaningful problems. Balaji talks about this a lot and I think it's nonsense.
3 months ago

Trust is choosing to make something important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else

5 months ago